About Us

TransAtlantic International Deposition Services was established as a new firm by David Ross in 2013, after realising there was a gap in the market to meet with new technology demands in the legal industry and particularly with the production of depositions taken outside the USA.

We supply attorney’s and law firms throughout the United States with first class Realtime Reporting, Certified Legal Video and Multi-Lingual Interpreters for depositions and arbitrations. We are also contracted partners with some of the major US Court Reporting Firms to handle legal services outside the United States.

Unlike other agencies, our clients receive a more personable bespoke service to meet their needs. We have many years experience providing personnel for international litigation for Insurance claims, patent litigation, pharmaceutical and technology industries, as well as personal injury cases. We are experts in working on asbestos cases and other class action Mesothelioma lawsuits.

We also handle logistics, arranging locations and travel but more importantly, we liaise with local courts and counsel in events where depositions may need to be heard before local judges. We source local Notaries when ordered and have a database of interpreters in most languages on our books.

There are some countries that don’t allow depositions to take place, so we offer an advice service and arrange alternative solutions. We are experienced at working with embassies to arrange clearance and security for people and equipment attending legal proceedings.

We also arrange teleconference facilities, along with remote realtime login to the live transcript and video, so attorneys anywhere in the US or world can take part in depositions wherever in the world the proceedings are being conducted.

The fundamental reason behind TransAtlantic’s success and expertise with International deposition production is because we are already operating Internationally outside the United States. We are unique because we act in all aspects of the law with all States, in the Fedreral Courts but not limited to the Superior Courts as well.

We are trusted above any other agency here in Europe and the only official contractor to the USDOJ. We have produced and conducted depositions in almost every country in Europe as well as The Middle East, South Africa and parts of Asia.

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Business Development Director

David Ross

David has been in the business of producing video for depositions all over the world since year 2000. He is a perfectionist and insists upon the highest of standards. As the director of the company he oversees almost every assignment if he is not attending personally on major cases.

He believes in finding the balance with technology and without hiding behind it. “It’s wonderful to grow your company while availing of the greatest technological advances within our industry, but if we do not continue to communicate with the client verbally, how are they to feel confident about our meeting their needs.”

David’s background combines both sides of the camera with 30 years in professional photography as well as presenting for television. He says, “Nothing comes before satisfying the client’s requirements”


Scheduling & Operations Manager

Sandeep Rai

Sandeep is in charge of our London office operations. With many years experience in the hospitality and events industry, he comes with a wealth of talent handling clients and our personnel.

His role is to manage our reporters and videographers, taking bookings and organising our scheduling with clients. He is a proficient fellow who keeps our ship in good shape and assures clients are met with the highest standard TAVDS has established.

Nothing goes passed Sandeep as a problem and no matter where your deposition is, you can rely on him to make sure every aspect is arranged to the detail.

Leon Dublin Office1

Dublin Office

Leon Ross

Leon runs our Dublin Office. We have a lot of reporters available in Ireland, along with videographers while some of our business is focused there. Leon manages our corporate relations and partnerships for depositions, arbitrations and other legal services there. He also steps in to help with logistics when the London office has a heavy case load.

He is extremely personable and he and David believe very strongly in making sure the client has a ‘key man‘ available to talk to almost 24 hours a day. “Working internationally, this is vital to meet clients needs with all the work different times zones.” Leon’s experience lies in strategic business management and with a background in pharmacy and retail, he has successfully grown a chain of pharmacies prior to acquisition.

Shaun Dewis

Assistant Manager Operations

Shaun Dewis

Shaun works at our London office in scheduling and operations and is one of our most recent recruits. He has a degree in criminal justice and previous experience in customer focused roles. This means he can offer a unique perspective for clients, assuring all their ends are met.

Shaun also brings contemporary knowledge to an ever-evolving field with a tech mindset and he has a natural grasp for IT when it comes to organising multi-party depositions or arbitrations conducted all over the world.

In his spare time, Shaun works voluntarily in the Metropolitan Police as a Special Constable. He has a keen sense of justice and passion for the law, which is useful for finding appropriate conditions for our clients to work in.

Shaun is a well presented, highly proficient individual who insists on providing the best service. He is very focused on client relationships, which further ensures the confidence our clients are accustomed to.

Matthew Temp r

eDiscovery Director

Matthew Jennings

Matthew Jennings is our E-Discovery Director working out of Dallas, Texas. He has over 20 years of experience across a variety of legal technology and compliance services including forensic data analytics, data management and electronic discovery.

Matthew has provided services to clients in a wide range of industries including life sciences, oil & gas, retail, transportation, financial services and aerospace & defense. He has performed these services in the context of product liability litigation, class action litigation, government / regulatory body investigations, internal investigations, white collar investigations and proactive compliance matters.

Matthew’s expertise includes leading forensic data analytics engagements involving the analysis of millions of rows of disparate structured and unstructured data to identify trends, anomalies and relevant facts, cross border electronic discovery engagements with data privacy considerations related to the Chinese State Secrets act, the EU GDPR and other jurisdictional concerns and leading data management projects that involved the building of programs to appropriately segregate and classify data.

Matthew has been a frequent speaker at internal and external events, including Continuing Legal Education (CLE) seminars, industry trade groups and company education programs. He is also a contributing author to the Litigation Services Handbook.

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Manager of Accounts

Jonathan Press

Master of numbers, Jonny has been the backbone behind TransAtlantic’s growth. When it comes to creative accounting to benefit the client he is instrumental. Jonny’s experience is priceless, with his background in producing and budgeting for Film and TV.

He has added such value to the business because of his unique skill, making quotes so attractive. Clients just keep coming back. He is a pleasure to deal with and will always find a way to offer clients more than they are asking for, making their jobs easier.

Dylan Ross 2020-4

Research & Development

Dylan Ross

Dylan based in California and is a specialist in sound, with research and patents published in acoustical phonetics. He is in charge of TransAtlantic’s future program development. Using his skills in digital signal processing, Dylan is taking us into the future with new legal solutions.

David Erdos Audio Video Technician

Audio Video Technician

David Erdos

David is our right hand for video depositions. He is a highly experienced legal videographer, editor and audio visual technician capable of mastering any technical challenge your depositon may require.

He operates working all over the world with our high grade equipment, recording and streaming depositions live back to London as well as various locations in USA, from wherever he has flown into at the time.

Also a talented actor and prolific writer, he is a wonderful character to spend your day with. David’s professional experience dating back 25 years affords him the highest levels of communication, presentation and resourcefulness.

He has a knack for putting clients at ease with his professionalism in complex or sensitive situations. Time and time again his combination of efficiency and support with our court reporters brings everyone together as a team. This has been a key element for TAVDS to gain repeated contracts and to win a unique place within the field.

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PA to the Director

Elena Ross

Elena works as PA to the director managing various vital administrative tasks. She also handles scheduling and assists with travel arrangements, which is a full time job in itself.

She is super efficient and will always be there to solve any issues if David isn’t available. Elena’s role is very important to us all, particularly when we have a lot of cases running in different countries and time zones all at once. She sets up our conferences so attorney’s know how to login to participate in depositions virtually.

She even arranges to allow attorneys to be able to work off their own iPad at home, to conference in to watch and participate in a deposition in a remote location in Europe if necessary. Elena is meticulous when it comes to record keeping and is a real asset to our business.

Matthew Cabanas Tech Support-2

International Tech Support

Matthew Cabanas

Matt is our resident expert for anything tech related.  He has many years of experience providing audio, video, web connectivity and live streaming support for remote depositions.  Matt also has a very broad IT experience base, including software, hardware, networking and remote web support.

Based in the United States, he is available remotely with our depositions taking place anywhere in the world.  He has been a valuable asset to our team, available to assist participants with all types of tech issues that may arise during client meetings and legal proceedings. Matt is in charge of our TransAtlantic Mobile Teleconference system.

Matthew as the boss likes to call him, has a wonderful manner setting attorney’s at ease. He always finds a way to ensure confidence with clients in our systems, so that they can comfortably connect to a deposition however they wish, on any computer or tablet and wherever they choose to be at the time.