Premier Depositions Across America

TransAmerican Deposition Services is a sub-division of TransAtlantic International Legal Solutions, catering to the American Legal community for high end cases across the United States. We have resources all over the country and we specialise in depositions for large cases because of our international experience.

TransAmerican not only continues international cases for the US DOJ, which have commenced abroad under our contract, but also run heavyweight class action Toxic Tort and Asbestos/Mesothelioma cases, Pharmaceutical Patent, Medical Malpractice matters, Complex Commercial-Banking and Financial litigation, Whistle Blower, Fraud & Anti-Trust cases, as well as Cyber Litigation.

Most of our cases have an international concern and we are known for realtime transcription and expedited delivery on nearly everything we do. 

Department of Justice

We are proud to serve The United States Department of Justice, maintaining the highest standards in America.

We are renowned for our integrity, security and professionalism taking a legal record on cases for the money laundering section, anti-trust division and tax department.

After many years of wonderful work with the USDOJ, FBI, IRS and SEC, we have also been retained to record lengthy interviews ordered by the Anti- Drugs Agency here in the UK and USA.

International Litigation Specialists working across the Nation