TransAtlantic International Legal
Solutions Introduces


"First there was LiveNote, then there came TransNote™, the new brand in realtime reporting…”

TransAtlantic International Legal Solutions has always been a traditional stenographic court reporting agency, working with the greatest realtime reporters in the world. We are proud of our reputation for working on the biggest international litigation cases, providing realtime with expedited transcription and exhibit management services throughout the world.

In recent times, the demand for our services have been increasing at such a rate that we haven’t had enough court reporters to cover our assignments. Now we have developed a solution. It is called TransNote™, which not only complements our current steno reporters, making their jobs easier – it also allows us to quickly train and certify new realtime reporters to work in our wonderful industry meeting the same standards our clients command.

We are proud to present the latest in artificial intelligence with the new TransNote™ reporting system, integrating with our client’s new era of process and standards that they are required to implement.

Revolutionizing Legal Court Reporting

TransNote™ is a fusion of softwares, which allows a legal court reporter to produce the same standard of live court reporting in legal proceedings as the traditional stenographic machine reporter has used since the early 20th century.

Human-Centric Court Reporting Innovation

TransNote™ does not generate transcripts by itself, while we see the impartial court reporter as an integral part of the process during live legal proceedings as long as attorneys remain human!

Efficient Professional Training and Certified Qualification

TransNote™ brings us the opportunity to introduce more court reporters into our industry in a 10th of the time it takes to train the traditional steno reporter, which means we can provide more impartial, qualified, certified guardians of the record, as is expected of us, but using the latest technology and continuing to promote our eco-friendly environment.

Traditionally Managed Realtime with Enhanced Precision

TransNote™ allows the court reporter to work in exactly the same way that a traditional stenographic machine reporter operates, providing a real-time live transcript stream, while editing it on the fly in the same manner. Attorneys can also ask for read-backs as they choose.

Transcript is King!

The transcript has always taken priority as the official court record. Audio and video have always been secondary. Video is often ordered to enhance a case and the presentation of evidence, but this must be granted by the courts as an addition, where the judge sees fit for the jury.

Audio has always been recorded and even synchronised to the transcript during the taking of the record, but until now that has been treated as the court reporters ‘work product’ and therefore not included as part of the official record. 

Today, our official certified court reporters use TransNote™ with super high quality professional audio combined with their CAT software to make the official record. Our latest audio system is such high quality that our legal videographers are taking their sound from the court reporter’s audio mixer instead of the other way round, as with the current stenographers. 

We believe the future court reporter will be a deposition tech specialist, similar to a videographer or trial presentation expert. It’s not just about the essential verbatim accuracy and on-time delivery, expedited or not. It’s about producing an enhanced record to include sound, (and vision if required) as standard. So there can be less dispute over any case, saving costs in the courts time. 

TransNote™ is the future for court reporters taking a record in a legal setting. TransAtlantic is proud to be the international pioneer launching the service as the new platinum standard in court reporting bringing a new era of certified practitioners.