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Supreme International Deposition Support

We have been producing International Depositions for nearly 20 years. TransAtlantic Depositions Services, are experts at setting up services for legal proceedings all over Europe and liaising with courts or Embassies where required worldwide. We have the best Realtime Court Reporters and Certified Legal Videographers in the world, working with state of the art technology. We also source Notaries and Interpreters and set up locations for streaming a deposition to anywhere, from anywhere.

Realtime Court Reporting

Our system is unique because we believe in taking better care of our reporters. This means our clients get the best possible service. Our reporters are highly skilled and are regularly called upon to produce same day/next day transcripts for major US litigation.

Realtime reporting is standard through TransAtlantic and so is streaming text to any attorney who may want to participate in a deposition to or from a remote location.

Notary Sourcing Anywhere

TransAtlantic offer a bespoke service which includes liaising with courts all over Europe and also sourcing Notaries. There are often instances where a US Court will require a local Notary to preside over a deposition in different countries. Depending on the case and the jurisdiction, a Notary may only be required to swear in a local witness but sometimes they are required to remain present for the whole proceedings. We arrange the whole process so you don’t have to worry about anything and advise you how to work in these circumstances.

Mobile Teleconference

Video Conferencing has been around for many years, but it has always been very expensive. With todays high speed platforms we can now offer mobile video conferencing specifically for depositions from anywhere in the world at a fraction of the cost.

We don’t always need to rely on webcams when there is a video technician on site at the deposition because our operators stream the deposition to anywhere in the world straight from the HD camera source. This means anyone wishing to log in at their office or on their iPad at home can watch and participate as if they are there in person.

Deposition Planning

Our forte is logistics and if we can find a way to take the work out of your hands, we will do so because it can be complicated organising a deposition abroad. On occasion it might even be prohibited to hold an American Deposition in certain countries. This in one of the reasons why we recommend that you plan at least 6 weeks in advance.

We can help with your arrangements with embassies and make sure we are in line with security requirements. We also advise law firms how to proceed with a deposition in a European court when ordered by a local judge. There are many issues that come up and we always find a solution.

We regularly advise on travel arrangements to meet the purpose or organise it all for you if required.

Budgeting Travel Arrangements

Our firm is growing fast, so it is in our interest to see you through when budgets are of concern, whilst remaining competitive. This has been the root of our success to date.

We can arrange flights, accommodation, and deposition locations for you if preferred, or at least advise you what is best in Europe.

We always aim to meet with your needs, keeping the costs under control, while offering a comfortable set up so you can get proceedings under way. We have our international deposition standard rates but they are always open to discussion. For example there are a lot of ways to capture a witnesses testimony without having to go down traditional roads.

See Mobile Depositions Service above

"Day In The Life" Video Reporting

Day in The Life filming for insurance purposes. This is usually a short film (1-3 mins), presenting the manner in which someone has to live, resulting from an accident, versus how they lived before. This is useful in court with Clinical Negligence cases.

We have many years of trust through experience and discretion to meet the challenges in this arena. Delivery is swift and you receive the same service standards as with International Depositions

Transcript Production

As with all companies in our industry we produce whatever format you require for your transcripts. As standard we send you or your paralegal a deposition check list/questionnaire, which allows you to mark up exactly what you want, whether it be Electronic Transcripts with exhibits attached or a synchronised Video Transcript.

We always aim to have you prepared with the right material for trial presentation purposes and most importantly meet with your needs for delivery whether it is an immediate rough draft or next day final draft.

Please Note: Over the years a perception has materialised within our industry, which is in fact a mythWith regard to depositions outside the United Kingdom:

We do our utmost to avoid remote costs with resources moving all over Europe. However, it should be noted that while the American Courts conduct proceedings in the English language, there are very few stenographers with the English as their mother tongue who are residing (living) outside the UK.

Our company motto has always been “there’s no point in going anywhere else” because with TransAtlantic Depositions – while you are in the business of getting to the truth, we see it as our responsibility to do the same regarding remote costs. So we wanted to put the record straight….