There are Remote Depositions and there’s just REMOTE

Post on August 11, 2020 by Shaun Dewis

Here at TransAtlantic, we conduct more depositions internationally than any other legal service firm in the world today. We have all become familiar enough with Zoom and remote procedures, but every once in a while a deposition is even more remote than our clients are accustomed to.

Welcome to Ursensollen! Where the heck is that I hear you say?! This town is indeed one of those more remote places, which sits close to the border of Czech Republic but is in fact only 40 miles from Nuremberg in East Germany.

It’s wonderful to explore places one wouldn’t normally think of going, if there’s opportunity to slot the time in. Ursensollen’s places of interest…. well, in this case there isn’t a lot here specifically BUT the local Bavarian beer is always a favourite pastime to sample.. after work of course. Gasthof Schwarzer Bar offers an experience with local cuisine too.

Being off the beaten track from any major city, one can of course run into issues with online connectivity. However, at TransAtlantic we are tuned to anticipate these in advance. We regularly make arrangements to mitigate any drop outs so that our clients’ deposition will run as smoothly as one would expect.

Finally, while you’re there, it would be well worth while to head up the road to Nuremberg where there is a lot to see such as Germanisches Nationalmuseum, or the famous Nuremburg Trial Courthouse. Sadly our schedule didn’t allow these on this occasion, but there’s always next time..